This dashboard is designed to provide a comprehensive visualization of publicly available data on the distribution of Lassa virus across West Africa. Data was compiled from peer-reviewed publications and GenBank. The geographic distribution of the data can be visualized by zooming in on the map icons. The temporal distribution of the data can be visualized in the bar chart.

Countries Represented

Source Studies

Rodent Point Samples

Human Point Samples

Lassa Sequences

The spatial distribution of Lassa virus samples in the available published data. Data points can be viewed by clicking on the clusters until individual icons appear (human icon, rodent icon, or sequence icon). Mapped data can be filtered by a range of years, found in the top left corner of the map. Select a tab below to begin mapping.

To view the diagnostic methods that were used to identify the viral infection data, click on the chart legend. Note that the number of sequences displayed on the map may differ from chart statistics, as some sequences do not have an associated Latitude and Longitude.